Friday, 28 March 2014

What are up coming Festival & Events in Toronto

Upcoming months are packed with event and festivals for family, friends and kids. So whenever you decide to sleep in and think of things to do in Toronto during spare time, I've got you covered. Here are upcoming events:
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Toronto Kids Festivals:
Dates: February 16, 2014–February 17, 2014
Location: International Centre, Mississauga ON
It is Heaven on Earth for young attendees during holiday. This exciting music Festival is finished off with an array of vendors, rider, comedy stage shows, and a face painting booth.
Music with Bite Concert
Dates: February 17, 2014
Location: Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Canada
Intimate and interacting family concert
Free entrance
Dates: February 22, 2014–February 23, 2014
Location: Bloor-Yorkville B.I.A, Toronto Canada
This year’s festival will feature an array of spectacular ice sculpture displays, events and demonstrations throughout the neighbourhood for the public to enjoy. See the magic of ice come to life as artists put the finishing touches on this amazing winter scene, crafted from an astounding 20,000 lbs. of ice.
Good Food & Drink Festival
Dates: Apr 4 – Apr 6, 2014
Location: Direct energy centre, Toronto

Toronto Wine & Cheese Festival
Date: TBA
Location: Direct energy Centre, Toronto Canada

Lobster Festival
Date: TBA
Location: Port Credit, Mississauga ON

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Carassauga: Mississauga Festival of Muticulture
Date: May 23, 24, 25
Location: Hershey Centre, Mississauga, ON?
Music festival & performance

Streetsville Bread & Honey Event
Date: June 6-8, 2014
Streetsville, Mississauga ON

Mississauga Water Front Event
Date: TBA
Location: Mississauga Garden Park

So what festival are you planning for upcoming event? Don’t forget to share us your comments after you attend one of those! Stay tuned with our update posts to check out latest events!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Camping and fishing without a single fish

Dunnville Mudcat won’t let you down!!

If you are Asian immigrants like me, camping isn’t in your book! But then after discovering it, I would say I missed out a lot of not trying such amazing activities. And I don’t want you to miss out as much as I did. Here is my story

Last July, my family decided to take a first camping trip to Dunnville where my friend’s relative lives there. There aren’t many people knowing about this new Ontario attraction Dunnville MudCat where Muddy, the giant mudcat , is 50- foot long, 27-foot high statue’s permanent home at Centennial Park at the western entrance to Dunnville. The importance is the camping price is very affordable compared to other places.
©Licensed under Creative Commons: Kenneth Moyle, 2006
At first I didn’t give a thought as I had a gut feeling that I wouldn’t enjoy. But then when I arrived in Dunnville, the new horizon was in front of me. It has many camping sites and lakes all around. Also it’s minutes from the beaches of Lake Erie, close to the Niagara and Hamilton regions and only an hour away from the U.S border. We decided to land in Byng Island where it has the Grand River and Lake Erie.

Let me tell you a little more of Byng island Conservative Park. It features one of Canada's biggest fish ladders, allowing lake fish to migrate past the Dunnville Dam to prime spawning and nursery habitats upstream. Moreover, it also boasts one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in Ontario that accommodates more than 1,000 people and diving board.

Few hours passed by, some of my friends got ready with his variety of fishing knots and walked us to a bridge close by to go fishing as this area is famous for Cat fish, and more than 20 species. Dunnville is also well know for Prime Fishing area where when it comes to particular seasons or holidays, people from all around near by provinces come to take sport fishing.
©Licensed under Creative Commons: michael brooking, 2009

The interesting fact that I was told sometimes they can catch constantly hundreds of fishes a day thrilled me totally. Then I started learning how to take this so - called sport fishing and the fun thing is it took me 2 hours sitting still to wait for the catch time. None of them was baited.  I gave up and looked around if anyone could get a catch. I found out many locals there who baited so many fishes while I had nothing! I got back to our campsites and start joining grilling food there. It wasn’t bad fishing experience because I was told that in order to bait a fish, it requires a lot of skills and experience in where to bait the fish such as below the bridge or around the rock in the river. However, it turned out a great experience as I learnt how to camp, how to bat and fishing guide lesson!

Dunnville has left me a peaceful impression with blue water river, large pools and the beauty sky with cool breeze.  I would love to recommend Dunnville a next stop for your summer activities or during long holidays.

What do you think of Dunnville and Byng island? Is it a good one in your list? 
Also you can take a look at my post about up coming festivals and my holiday calendar planner to start planning on from now.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Best Mississauga attraction tour guide for free of charge!

You are living in Mississauga and wondering where else you could go for holiday within an hour from Mississauga! If you have the same idea like me, why don’t take a few minutes skimming through my attraction tour guide!

For family fun things to do
You can visit this site for some suggestions to have a day out trip around Toronto – GTA. The site categorizes each purpose of trip like parks, beaches, historical place, water fun, play centre in order to make it easier to follow. They recommend some historical attractions such as Black Creek Village where you can join there with kids for some activities like mini camping or living history museum or Banares Historic House in Mississauga.
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For those who love to embrace the vibrant living pace in Mississauga
Visit you will find handy guide of Mississauga, Ontario. There are so many lists of where to go on weekends, top bars you should visit in Port Credit, fun things to do and so on! Definitely recommend you to surf this site because I know you will get excited that you would explore more great things to do. Bottom line is they know more than you thought you do!
©Licensed under Creative Commons: Harley Mac, 2007

For those who are always in love with Toronto’s breeze

I suggest you to visit and you will be amazed at plenty of lists of where to go in Toronto ON. Plus it is regularly updated and their journalists are all dedicated to share the latest breath of the city!

Is there any other link not in the list would you love to add in? Share here because somebody would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Best restaurants in Mississauga

There may be thousands of great places to eat in Mississauga.  The two main restaurants in Mississauga, are Moxie’s Grill & Bar and Spring Rolls. These two restaurants in Mississauga are the best, because the food focused on higher food qualities, fresh, excellent services and the prices are great value. 
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If you are looking for great restaurants in Mississauga these two restaurants is casual dining-in. Moxie’s Grill & Bar is located in Square One Mississauga,  the menu is mouth-watering chop steaks, seafood’s, appetizers and delicious of combinations of cocktails and there are so much things to do, you won’t believe it.
Spring Roll is another outside buffet restaurants near Square One on 90 Burnhamthorpe Rd West Mississauga. Spring Rolls is a unique Chinese restaurants in Mississauga that offers various of delicious dishes such as grilled salmon with mango salsa, pad thai, and Korean  kalbi with tiger shrimps

Have you been to other restaurants in Mississauga that you think is outstanding? Share your ideas here with us on Facebook?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Best coffee café restaurant in Mississauga

We came across two of the best well-known coffee shops in Mississauga are Tim Horton’s and The Apricot Tree Cafe. 

Tim Horton’s cafe restaurants are all over Canada and are well-known for its fast services, friendly staffs, clean environment and dining in.  If you are looking for Tim Horton’s coffee shops in Mississauga generally to dine in and enjoy your coffee with your friends, then you should go to the Tim Horton’s on City Centre Drive near Square One.  It is the best, coffee shop in Mississauga.
©Licensed Creative Commons: Glenn van Gulik, 2010

It is fresh, 
quick and friendly services!       

On the other hand, Apricot Tree Cafe is also well known for its fresh and good quality coffee, ice cream, delicious Italian, desserts, sandwiches and soups. If you are looking for Mississauga catering, these are the great coffee shops in Mississauga           

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Where can I find the best kids -friendly sushi house in Mississauga for some occasions?

“Sushi roll is good but then my kids don’t seem enjoyable there! Or that Japanese restaurant are so crowded that the wait is too long to be served” if you've ever wondered such questions, this post is PERFECTLY dedicated for you or otherwise just skip it!

Wasabi Grand Buffet: 
Type: all you can eat sushi plus upscale buffet
Price: Lunch $ 13.99 weekly days – $18.99/ weekend; Dinner $22-$27
Kids friendly: Yes
Food: decent, variety of Asian cuisine selection besides Japanese food
Good for group, family and friends gathering, birthday party, nice decor and attentive servers. 2 locations in Richmond Hill and Mississauga
©Licensed Under Creative Commons:  Dax, 2010
Downside: crowded on weekends & preference for reservation, sashimi & sushi are not fresh sometimes. Bottom line is voting for one the best local restaurants in Mississauga. Good treat for all you can eat sushi with decent taste, Asian fusion, and comfortable vibe, upscale buffet than Mandarin, less variety of desserts and pricier.

 Hinote Sushi Restaurant:
720 Bristol Rd W, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4A3, Canada
(905) 502-5520
·        Child friendly sushi house near quiet resident area in Bristol
·        Courteous service
·        Decent Price with large portion, variety of selection
·        Small size restaurant, friendly welcoming atmosphere
·        Fresh sashimi and sushi roll
·        A lot of patrons come for lunch
·        Got high rating of restaurant review as a best Japanese restaurant in GTA from Yelp
·        Definitely recommend for weekly visit dining compared to long wait on Friday or Saturday

©Licensed Under Creative Commons:  Sungwon Kim, 2012

After Rain Sushi Restaurant:
723 Central Pkwy Way
Mississauga, ON L5B 4L1
Kid friendly: Yes
·       Unimpressive outside appearance but inside decor is very nice, a little dark. Good for group, family gathering, couple, business lunch or dinner. Quite ambiance Waiter is sometimes inattentive as mos tables are private and separate from others Excellent Japanese dishes and really FRESH sashimi Upscale price compared with other neighbor restaurants Not a All you can eat sushi but a worthy trade-off quality, fairly average size of portion Quick service Offer tasty Korean food but missing out the best of Korean is Kim Chi soupThose are three of my favorite Japanese restaurants which is good for family gatherings and kids. 

Hope you enjoy my post and leave me a comment. If you have visited these or would like to share better alternative, don’t hesitate to do so as I 
would love to visit new place for sushi! 

Check out my upcoming post of dining ideas here! 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

List of best Dim sum Chinese restaurants near me

Wonder where is a right choice for Dim sum breakfast in Mississauga, ON? You wouldn't want to miss this post as I’m a food critic and have so much experience of Chinese food. 

 Emerald Restaurant:  
Old school Dim sum in Mississauga

©Licensed Under Creative Commons:  Andrew Lee, 2009
With advantage of being located in the heart of Mississauga, Emerald restaurant is known as best Dim Sum in town for years. There is no surprise with long queues when you just get in for a brunch on weekend. Make sure you come at 10:00 am or book first before you go if you don’t want to feel disappointed toward long lines ahead. During weekly days, people from offices around come here for fast Chinese cuisine lunch and thus, it seems always a busy spot in town.
©Licensed Under Creative Commons:  Memphis CVB, 2012

Compared with other places, this would be considered as a top choice when it comes to eating out for brunch or even dinner. Price ranges from $ 2.69 to $ 4.39 per portion. Interesting fact is that their dim sum offer truly big shrimp compared to other restaurants, which contains tiny shrimp or fake shrimp taste with mostly port ground. Good service but don’t expect a long conversation with staff as they keep it short and brief while they are carrying food pushing cart around.
 According to trip advisor, the restaurant reviews are good and quick service, clean, variety of food menu. Definitely vote for Dim sum and dinner ideas. The downside is enormous crowd on weekend.

Happy Jade Seafood Chinese Restaurant: 
Family friendly spot for get-together with decent price
Being Ranked second after Emerald restaurant and have a good reputation in offering Chinese authentic cuisine food.The price here is cheaper than there but quality is almost similar. Some recommend that it is not only lower in price but better taste than Emerald. They have large hall as well and thus people from Dixie and Dundas area, where gathers large number of Asian residents, usually come here for Dim sum brunch.  Also it’s closed to Chinese town area as well; therefore, no surprise with longer line up on weekend.Contrasting with busy weekends, there often have a few quite dinner with a few tables during weekly day. Recommend coming on weekend with more variety of selection and checking out happy hour food menu. Almost same story with Emerald but the difference is they serve food until 2 am in the morning. Definitely a good point to remember whenever you are sober and need a waking up Chinese soup!
©Licensed Under Creative Commons: Apple Foodees: Malaysian Food Blog, 2011  

 Tremendous Chinese Restaurant: 
Bargain treat with tremendous value!
As being located in storage firm and warehouse neighborhood, a large number of Sauga resident doesn't recognize there is a Chinese cuisine hotpots located there. However, It has a lot of patrons who come for late night dinner and bargain Dim sum treat.
 One more added in fact is they offer happy hours on Sunday after 1:00 pm when every Dim Sum is just a buck per portion. Good thing is they serve Dim sum all day until 4 am in the morning. Lastly but not least, let me spill the bean, if possible, do pay cask for bill in order to grab 10 % discount. Bottom lines are bargain treat for Chinese breakfast ideas, value for large group but just eat and ignore the ambiance and low level of hygiene service!  

Now it’s your turn! What other better hotspot would you share with us?

Friday, 21 March 2014

Halal Dine-In!

Mississauga being a multi-cultural city offers its residents almost with all kinds of foods such as Chinese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and most importantly Pakistani food which is halal.

Whenever I crave for Pakistani food, I always end up going to Café de Khan. It has one of a kind food that will make you mouth water.  It has two locations, one in Heartland Town Centre and the other in Millcreek and Erin Mills intersection.

©Licensed Under Creative Commons:  Fast Caterers, 20
The best thing about it is that the owner mostly cooks himself and has a great magic in his hands. The food is just delicious. They offer a great variety of dishes from Chicken Karahi, Lahori Fish, and BBQ to all the yummy Pakistani desserts, Kulfi, Gulab Jaman and Mango Lassi. My favourtie dish here is “Pehawari Kabab”. They are extremely spicy and Bar-b-Qued and sautéed in special spices. All the staff here is very friendly and the ambience is always very good and enjoyable with all latest Pakistani songs being played in the background. I am very sure that just like me you all will also have a great experience here. I would highly recommend trying this out.
               What’s your most favourite Pakistani dish?
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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Are you living your Life to the fullest in Mississauga?

Blown up and ready for the summers?….Did u know about the local events in Mississauga?...Well there are many coming your way.

Canada’s favourite “Good Food & Drink Festival” is coming up from April 04-06 at Direct Energy Centre, Toronto ON. It’s all about food and one can just explore and be amazed by what’s new in the world of ethnic cuisine, natural foods, kitchen wares, expert advice and a lot more.

©Licensed under Creative Commons: Locksley, 2011
The largest pet show “All about Pets Show” is taking place from April 18-20 at International Centre, 6900 Airport Road Mississauga. It’s a spectacular showcase for pet-lovers. More than 180 exhibitors will be exhibiting including retailers, pet product manufacturers, breeders, animal rescue organizations and all sorts of pets are represented.

Also there is a Muslim Festival on May 3 in which thousands of people, food from around the world and a showcase of Canadian Muslim Entertainment will take place. It has free entry and will be taking place at Celebration Square Mississauga. And that’s not all, there will be Camels too!

In which show are you interested in more to go? Do you have any pets? Share with us on Facebook!