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Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Vietnamese banh mi - Viet sub in Mississauga-
Wonder Where to buy Vietnamese sandwich BANH MI in Mississauga?

This is something that must check out! You don’t want to end up stepping into a wrong store for Banh Mi

BANH MI SAIGON – Saigon Bakery
  • Address: 1133 Dundas street East, Mississauga
  • Opening hours: 12 pm- 5 pm
  • Phone: (905) 615-0062
  • Price: $3
This store has been around in Dundas East Mississauga for over 10 years. Definitely a first choice for Banh mi – Vietnamese sandwich to try. Not surprisingly, its rated as the best Viet Sub in Mississauga
It’s freshly baked and made to order in a selection of cold cuts, pate, sausage or grilled meats all priced starting at $3 which was used to be at $2.50. The price has been elevated since its sold to new store owner.
If you would like to order more than two items, make sure you come early and order first as the fact that sandwich here is sold out very quick. If you don’t believe, let’s try to come around Noon then you see its frequently long line up from outside store.
BANH MI TAN DINH – Tan Dinh Bakery

  • Location: 3415 Dixie Road in Mississauga ON, inside the Grand Chinese market
  • Phone: (905) 624-9099
  • Open hours: 11PM – 5 or 6
  • Price: $2.50
  • Freshly made to order in a selection of cold cuts, pate, sausage or grilled meat
  • Friendly staff and affordable price
  • Bread here is tender, crisp, not crunchy
  • Big bun with vegetable, ham, pate, etc
Banh mi Vietnam - Viet Sub in Mississauga-

  • Location 888 Dundas Street E
  • Mississauga, ON L4Y 4G6
  • Phone number(905) 275-0988
  • Price: $2.50- $3

Such a bargain compared to other choices above. Price is amazing with more variety of menus.

Friendly staff which nicely interacts with customers

This is the place they make their own bread, which is crisp outside and moist inside.

Freshly made to order and dessert iced (3 colour iced and other varieties) are available to order.

Menu: banh mi –Vietnamese sandwich with a lot of more variety compared to the other two above, deserts, sugar cane drinks, Vietnamese coffee, readymade Vietnamese dishes such as Pho, steam rice with different kinds of combination, and etc

It’s like a convenient and mini grocery store where you can find plenty of great Vietnamese readymade dishes.

Beyond the list above, there are some Viet Sub scattered in different areas which I don’t recommend as the banh mi is not tasty at all.

We hope you enjoy our post and let us hear your voice!
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

RESTAURANT WEEK in Mississauga - Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar

Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar in Mississauga, ON
Phone:(905) 271-0016 | Fax:(905) 271-7461                              139 Lakeshore Rd. E.
Port Credit, ON L5G 1E5

Half Price Wine List and live music! Join us for half price wine list & live music!
 Smooth Jazz Tuesdays Smooth Jazz Tuesdays with Chris Smith (9pm -12am). $3 Taco

Live Entertainment Entertainment changes weekly.

DJ and dancing DJ spinning the best in new and old. $4 corona

Flirt Fridays Ladies no cover B4 11pm $6.00 feature martini's for the ladies Live DJ's spinning the best of Top 40 & Dance

DJ and dancing DJ spinning the best in new and old.

Prime Rib Sundays Prime Rib Sunday $24.98hst

We hope for this promotion 
happy hour list would be great for your choice of dining out!
So what is your dine out list? 
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

List of best Dim sum Chinese restaurants near me

Wonder where is a right choice for Dim sum breakfast in Mississauga, ON? You wouldn't want to miss this post as I’m a food critic and have so much experience of Chinese food. 

 Emerald Restaurant:  
Old school Dim sum in Mississauga

©Licensed Under Creative Commons:  Andrew Lee, 2009
With advantage of being located in the heart of Mississauga, Emerald restaurant is known as best Dim Sum in town for years. There is no surprise with long queues when you just get in for a brunch on weekend. Make sure you come at 10:00 am or book first before you go if you don’t want to feel disappointed toward long lines ahead. During weekly days, people from offices around come here for fast Chinese cuisine lunch and thus, it seems always a busy spot in town.
©Licensed Under Creative Commons:  Memphis CVB, 2012

Compared with other places, this would be considered as a top choice when it comes to eating out for brunch or even dinner. Price ranges from $ 2.69 to $ 4.39 per portion. Interesting fact is that their dim sum offer truly big shrimp compared to other restaurants, which contains tiny shrimp or fake shrimp taste with mostly port ground. Good service but don’t expect a long conversation with staff as they keep it short and brief while they are carrying food pushing cart around.
 According to trip advisor, the restaurant reviews are good and quick service, clean, variety of food menu. Definitely vote for Dim sum and dinner ideas. The downside is enormous crowd on weekend.

Happy Jade Seafood Chinese Restaurant: 
Family friendly spot for get-together with decent price
Being Ranked second after Emerald restaurant and have a good reputation in offering Chinese authentic cuisine food.The price here is cheaper than there but quality is almost similar. Some recommend that it is not only lower in price but better taste than Emerald. They have large hall as well and thus people from Dixie and Dundas area, where gathers large number of Asian residents, usually come here for Dim sum brunch.  Also it’s closed to Chinese town area as well; therefore, no surprise with longer line up on weekend.Contrasting with busy weekends, there often have a few quite dinner with a few tables during weekly day. Recommend coming on weekend with more variety of selection and checking out happy hour food menu. Almost same story with Emerald but the difference is they serve food until 2 am in the morning. Definitely a good point to remember whenever you are sober and need a waking up Chinese soup!
©Licensed Under Creative Commons: Apple Foodees: Malaysian Food Blog, 2011  

 Tremendous Chinese Restaurant: 
Bargain treat with tremendous value!
As being located in storage firm and warehouse neighborhood, a large number of Sauga resident doesn't recognize there is a Chinese cuisine hotpots located there. However, It has a lot of patrons who come for late night dinner and bargain Dim sum treat.
 One more added in fact is they offer happy hours on Sunday after 1:00 pm when every Dim Sum is just a buck per portion. Good thing is they serve Dim sum all day until 4 am in the morning. Lastly but not least, let me spill the bean, if possible, do pay cask for bill in order to grab 10 % discount. Bottom lines are bargain treat for Chinese breakfast ideas, value for large group but just eat and ignore the ambiance and low level of hygiene service!  

Now it’s your turn! What other better hotspot would you share with us?