Sunday, 23 March 2014

Where can I find the best kids -friendly sushi house in Mississauga for some occasions?

“Sushi roll is good but then my kids don’t seem enjoyable there! Or that Japanese restaurant are so crowded that the wait is too long to be served” if you've ever wondered such questions, this post is PERFECTLY dedicated for you or otherwise just skip it!

Wasabi Grand Buffet: 
Type: all you can eat sushi plus upscale buffet
Price: Lunch $ 13.99 weekly days – $18.99/ weekend; Dinner $22-$27
Kids friendly: Yes
Food: decent, variety of Asian cuisine selection besides Japanese food
Good for group, family and friends gathering, birthday party, nice decor and attentive servers. 2 locations in Richmond Hill and Mississauga
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Downside: crowded on weekends & preference for reservation, sashimi & sushi are not fresh sometimes. Bottom line is voting for one the best local restaurants in Mississauga. Good treat for all you can eat sushi with decent taste, Asian fusion, and comfortable vibe, upscale buffet than Mandarin, less variety of desserts and pricier.

 Hinote Sushi Restaurant:
720 Bristol Rd W, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4A3, Canada
(905) 502-5520
·        Child friendly sushi house near quiet resident area in Bristol
·        Courteous service
·        Decent Price with large portion, variety of selection
·        Small size restaurant, friendly welcoming atmosphere
·        Fresh sashimi and sushi roll
·        A lot of patrons come for lunch
·        Got high rating of restaurant review as a best Japanese restaurant in GTA from Yelp
·        Definitely recommend for weekly visit dining compared to long wait on Friday or Saturday

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After Rain Sushi Restaurant:
723 Central Pkwy Way
Mississauga, ON L5B 4L1
Kid friendly: Yes
·       Unimpressive outside appearance but inside decor is very nice, a little dark. Good for group, family gathering, couple, business lunch or dinner. Quite ambiance Waiter is sometimes inattentive as mos tables are private and separate from others Excellent Japanese dishes and really FRESH sashimi Upscale price compared with other neighbor restaurants Not a All you can eat sushi but a worthy trade-off quality, fairly average size of portion Quick service Offer tasty Korean food but missing out the best of Korean is Kim Chi soupThose are three of my favorite Japanese restaurants which is good for family gatherings and kids. 

Hope you enjoy my post and leave me a comment. If you have visited these or would like to share better alternative, don’t hesitate to do so as I 
would love to visit new place for sushi! 

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