Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Having a blast with my friends at Living Art Centre.

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Well, Living Arts Centre and CN Tower are the two main attractions in Mississauga that you don’t want to miss you this summer! Living Arts Centre is located near Square One mall and Hazel Sheridan College.

Are you wondering what things do or looking for fun and exciting attractions for this spring? You should visit at Living Arts Centre. This place has everything from live dance competitions, theaters performances, art exhibits, restaurants and more.

For those who like to go beyond limits; The Edge Walk will be a journey for you to remember forever. The Edge Walk is now the newest attractions allowing visitors to step outside and feel like you are flying in the air. CN Tower is also the heart of Mississauga; there are so many things to do in Toronto at CN Tower.

Mississauga resident’s visits to CN Tower to take a grasp of breathing taking sights and great dining experiences that will never forget. Click here to buy your tickets online for The Edge Walk attractions in Toronto.
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